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Step into a world where fashion meets streetwear, embracing the beauty of nostalgia and the ease of creativity in every stitch, brushstroke, and wave of inspiration.

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“In every stitch, brushstroke, and wave of inspiration, we find the beauty of nostalgia and the ease of creativity.”

Ocean – Founder & CEO

Welcome to the Place Where Fashion Meets StreetwEar

Where Style Meets Quality

Limited Unique Collections

Discover our exclusive line of street-ware that blends style and quality seamlessly. With our limited collections, you’ll find something truly special that sets you apart from the rest. 

Fashion For Everyone

Express your individuality in our unisex styles, designed to captivate and empower. Explore our featured accessories, clothing, art, and one-offs, all meticulously crafted with a touch of authenticity. Join us on this journey where fashion becomes an expression of your inner self.





Custom Designs

“Being a part of the Natsukashii community feels like finding my creative tribe. The blend of local inspiration and global vision resonates with my artistic journey. “

“Their commitment to ethical craftsmanship aligns with my values, making Natsukashii not just a brand but a canvas for self-expression.”

“Natsukashii is more than a brand; it’s a lifestyle. The attention to detail in their streetwear and the artistic touch in every piece is what sets them apart. “